About us

Agritourism Klaj has opened opened its doors in 2011.

We are located in the municipality Fiorini-Brtonigla, only 2 km from the sea in unspoilt rural surroundings.

As a young family, it is our pleasure to offer you traditional Istrian products with its own production. As a crown of our success we would like to offer you our prosciutto, osokolo, pork loin and bacon grown on our farm, and nurtured with great care.

Here you can experience a unique oasis of peace, to taste our traditional cuisine that will be served by Your friendly hosts.

Our agritourism is based on traditional values ​​and traditional cooking from the garden and our own breeding, and we offer a tasting of olive oil and wine - Istrian Malvasia.

Visit us and discover all the charms of Istria and the Istrian.

For us Istrians people say that we have a mild nature, are hardworking, patient, a little wary and careful, unhurried but with hidden strength. They say we get to know other people easily, but find a true friendship a little harder, but when somebody becomes a friend that friendship lasts a lifetime.

We will gladly accommodate you and we will do our best to become a lifelong friend, because we want You to feel like at home in our agritourism.